DACStorE Transformation Hub

The DACStorE consortium is formed with the goal of preparing a large and sustainable roll-out and scale-up of DACS technology worldwide. However, research alone cannot preside over the market integration of DACS. But it can create reproducible knowledge and technology, so that politics and society can base their decisions for or against this technology on reproducible knowledge. Politics can shape the market based on it. Additionally, industry must include this technology to make it available on the market. Having this in mind, the DACStorE consortium aims to transparently provide knowledge regarding inherent risks, chances, and potentials for individual stakeholders, which are needed for the large and sustainable ramp-up.

To transfer the knowledge and technology regarding the DACS technology gained within the project, the ‘DACStorE Transformation Hub’ is established as an essential cornerstone of the project. With the DACStorE Transformation Hub the consortium establishes a single point of contact in Germany for the technology of DACS. The DACStorE Transformation Hub is a platform for hosting different types of events and information e.g. ‘DACS-Talks’, stakeholder workshops, ‘DACStorE Network’, reports, DACS Atlas, DACStorE repository. If you are interested in getting more information about the ‘DACStorE Network’ and a participation of your institution, please get in contact with us

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Letzte Änderung: 21.07.2024