DACStorE Project Meeting June 1st 2023

On June 1st our first DACStorE project meeting took place at the Maternushaus in Cologne. Team members arrived from 7 different institutions across Germany and were joined by our partners from the DACStorE Transformation Hub, making this a special opportunity to meet and discuss. After spending the morning with updates and latest results from the different sub-projects and work packages, we started into the afternoon with a crowd sourcing workshop on the developing DACStorE Transformation Hub. In four groups composed of people from different professional backgrounds we collected and discussed ideas, expectations and feedback on the Hub. The meeting ended with many valuable insights and inspiring impressions, and an enthusiastic start into the summer and fall. Thanks to everybody for sharing your valuable insights and expertise and shaping the direction of our project for the upcoming months!

Forschungszentrum Jülich / Ralf-Uwe Limbach
Letzte Änderung: 31.07.2023